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Demo Speedrun
3 Players
Demo Speedrun
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victor455402m 48.000s
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W.A.S.DMove Character
Left Mouse ClickThrow Axe
Space barJump
TabToggle Axe Throw Style
GX Menu


Brave the mountain in this short platformer. Use your axe as a grappling tool to skillfully swing across multiple challenging levels. Fight through the perils of the snowy mountain of Vinterget.
Surpass your limits and ascend to the peak to meet Vinterget, the god of winter. Hurry, your daughter needs you!
  • Use your axe as a grappling tool to skillfully swing across the levels. Build momentum and launch yourself to great distances.
  • Fight enemies that block your way.
  • Use timing and precision to get through various platforming challenges.
  • Moving platforms, disappearing platforms, icy slopes, pitfalls, moving spikes and more.
  • Beat the game in your own time in short levels that automatically save your progress, or speedrun to the finish line.
Number of plays90,000+
Release date04 May, 2023
Last updated05 Jul, 2024
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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