Relaxing Dreamscapes
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F1Displays an overview of controls
Point and clickPaint shapes
Arrows LEFT and RIGHTChange rotation speed
SToggle shape variant
PToggle color palette (Pastel x Bright/Neon)
MSwitch music
CClears the current Dreamscape
ASwitch to Autoplay
<space>Switch to Relaxing mode
Default controls
GX Menu

Relaxing Dreamscapes

Enjoy this relaxing game where colored shapes create kaleidoscope-like dreamscapes. You can let the game play itself... You can craft your own dreamscape as you see fit... Or you can play a Scored game and aim for a high-score.
In this lovely Relaxing game, you select a SHAPE, COLOR and TRANSPARENCY by clicking the selection buttons on the left side. Then, you press and hold the left mouse button anywhere in the rotating Dreamscape, to change the size of the shape you are adding. The point where you START is the CenterPoint of the shape; the point where you END will determine the radius (size) of the shape. Once you release the Left mouse button, the shape solidifies and you can either add another one of the same color and shape, or change your selection. BACKSPACE serves as the "Undo" function -- you can press it repeatedly (unlimited Undo).
Game modes
The game has three modes:
  1. Autoplay -- in this mode, the game plays itself, generating random Dreamscapes indefinitely. Should your computer start lagging, you can press "C" (Clear) to start from scratch.
  2. Relaxing mode -- in this mode, there are no limitations to your creativity. You can add to your Dreamscape indefinitely. Applying symmetric Replication yields particularly great results - try to use partially transparent shapes.
  3. Scored mode -- This is a mode where the shapes you are adding to your Dreamscape generate Score points, and you can try getting the High Score.
In Autoplay mode, the game plays itself. Let it run and just enjoy the visuals! If you wish, you can press SPACE to take over control, switching to the Relaxing mode.
Relaxing mode
Unleash your creativity, craft beautiful dreamscapes... You can press keys 2 through 6 to tell the game that you want the shapes replicated that many times around the center of rotation (Pressing "1" will cancel the replication). When Replication mode is active, it is indicated in the bottom left corner with a "2x", "3x" etc. symbol. (Note: Autoplay mode has slightly wider range of replication options, but it will never use "4x" replication.)
SCORING in Scored Mode
Whenever you add a shape, the game calculates its area, and multiplies it by how many other shapes it intersects. This value is added to your score. However,** if a shape intersects a shape of the exact same color, the game ends**. You can then continue in either Relaxing mode or Autoplay to build on top of what you've created. In Scored Mode, you cannot Undo your steps, and you cannot Replicate shapes.
Additional controls
F1 - displays an overview of controls Arrows LEFT and RIGHT -- change rotation speed. If you want to rotate the Dreamscape to the other side, you first need to bring it to a halt, then let go of the arrow key, and then press it again. This is intentional to make it easier to stop the rotation. S -- Toggle Shape variant. P -- Toggle Color Palette (Pastel x Bright/Neon) M - Switches between the three music pieces that are included. C - Clears the current Dreamscape A - Switch to Autoplay (from Relaxing mode or after the end of a Scored game) <space> - Switch to Relaxing mode (from Autoplay or after a Scored game)
DeveloperAlcator Games
Number of plays20,000+
Release date12 Jan, 2023
Last updated24 Jan, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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