Angry Pumpkins
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Angry Pumpkins

Plant your pumpkins by day, and harvest them by night. Collect enough juice to fulfill your quota, or go out of business. Studio members: 1up Indie studio Alexander Refshauge László (Coyote) Eszik This studio was formed for the #NoticeMe game-jam.


🎮 Controls
W A S D - move J - action "comma ," or 1 - volume down "period ." or 2 - volume up Press and hold escape key to exit fullscreen! Gamepad and various other control schemes works too
🎃 Entry for #NoticeMe game-jam by:
1up Indie - (Main code) László (Coyote) Eszik - (Code, Art, UI, Voiceover) Alexander Refshauge - (Code, Art, Animation, Sound design) Theme of the jam was: "Then the night changed everything"
🌱 Mechanics
Plant seeds of same color next to each other, to increase quality⭐ of your pumpkins. Pumpkins of higher quality yields more points💯, when harvested! After fulfilling your quota, extra **juice-points **goes to the multiplier-bottles, which are added to your total score in the end.


Developerstudio alexref
Number of plays16,175
Creation date16 Mar, 2022
Last updated19 Oct, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity rating10+
Game is suitable for anyone the age of 10 or above.