Cool Guys Club
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Cool Guys Club

A short little thing of monsters, skeletons, fiends and ghouls. Enjoy!
It's with shaking hands and a fearful gaze I invite you to the Cool Guys Club, my little nightmare come true. The game is in beta (but probably actually finished). There are five quests and lots of things to do! I hope you have fun with my little stupid thing! :) I've been inspired by... -80s horror -NES instruction manuals -kinkeshi -direct-to-VHS anime -animal crossing -coffee induced IBS (it's bad...) What's the story here? You are Johnny Cheeks, a crude little apple dude with a 'tude. For some reason you find yourself at the Cool Guys Club, a hip joint for shakers and movers of all manner of realms, dead and alive. Enjoy yourself, if you dare... How do I play? ESC explains the necessities. Audio is required. Who did it? Sound design, music, art, programming and so forth by me, Fredrick Karlsson. Additional voices by Mattias Hammarin, Iris & Madeleine Korneliusson and Jónsi the Cat. The 8-bit font is Sprint 2 by Patrick H. Lauke. (Used under creative commons attribution license).
DeveloperFredrickmedck studio
Number of plays365
Release date26 Mar, 2024
Last updated13 Jun, 2024
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity rating13+
Game is suitable for anyone the age of 13 or above.
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