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Hazel the Plant Witch
Hazel the Plant Witch
A kind and cosy game about listening to others.
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Hazel the Plant Witch details

People say talking to plants helps them grow. Hazel knows better. Most plants can't understand human speech. Luckily, Hazel is a brilliant techno witch who has made a gadget that will help her communicate to plants! By listening to plants, Hazel can record what plants are saying to her. This way, she can replay that dialogue to other plants and have a real conversation with a plant in their own language!

Can Hazel overcome the limitations of speaking in pre-recorded messages and help her plant friends out?

  • Move - WASD
  • Talk/Interact - "E" or "Spacebar"
  • Open up your recorder - "R"
  • Save dialogue - "1", "2", "3", "4" (You have four save slots for dialogue. Use the number keys to save a dialogue to the corresponding save slot.)
  • Choose Dialogue option - WASD
  • Lower/Increase volume while in game - K / L


Hazel's plant child, Rose, is moving out soon. Hazel wants to find the perfect gift for Rose but cannot understand plant language. How can Hazel learn to communicate with plants in order to find the perfect gift?

Help Hazel by collecting dialogue with her tape recorder by speaking to plants and picking which dialogue you want to save.

The dialogue you save becomes the options that are available to you the next time you talk to a plant!

Done with the game's story? There's also a mysterious "Dye Log Tree" where Hazel lives. The more you learn about what plants say, the more the tree grows! What's the highest percentage you can get?

Rumour board
  • I hear a certain someone wants to 'exchange poems' with the schoolteacher...
  • I wonder what the plants want for Halloween? Perhaps we can have a 'gift exchange'.

Developed by
  • Happysquared
  • Hokori
  • Ivanbje
  • Sunnydaze
  • Victoria Caña