Fight Knight
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Player 1



Double-tap WASD



Swing sword

Player 2

Numpad 5,1,2,3


Double-tap numpad 5,1,2,3


Numpad 0

Swing sword

Default keyboard controls

Fight Knight

Top down sword fighting game! Play single player or 2 player. Duel with your enemy and avoid their attacks.


Hail good Sir Knight! Those buffoons from the neighbouring Kingdom have been scurrying about our land breaking our branches and bothering our butterflies. Wouldst thou perchance take on the battle of honour and rid the encampment of our enemy? There shall be beauteous wenches and a feast waiting for you on the morrow should you succeed in your duty. The swipes from your sword shall surely cause them to drop some secrets or information that you may gather and bring to us forthwith! Fare thee well!
W,A,S,D - Move Double Tap W,A,S,D to Dash Space to Swing Sword
Controls Player 2:
Numpad 5,1,2,3 - Move Double Tap Numpad 5,1,2,3 - Dash Numpad 0 - Swing Sword


Developermrdave studio
Number of plays14,907
Creation date05 Oct, 2021
Last updated16 May, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity rating10+
Game is suitable for anyone the age of 10 or above.
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