Disco Hell Mayhem
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Disco Hell Mayhem

Fight against the forces of evil with your mighty yo-yo! Isometric arcade game.


Controls: Hold space to prepare attack, and lock looking direction while you hop around. Move by pressing two arrow keys at the same time in diagonal direction you want to go. Release your yo-yo! Credits: Programming by Tero Hannula: https://twitter.com/HannulaTero Art and graphics by Miguli: https://twitter.com/Miguli1 Something: Strategy for Pampadour (pig-demons) is to get close and attack, when they are going to attack (flashing slightly), step aside. They take 6 hits. Golden Pampadours give 20k points, but need 10 hits to banish and are really hard.

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Beat up those demons and don't get banished, easy as that.
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Developerterohannula studio
Number of plays31265
Creation date17 Mar, 2022
Last updated09 May, 2022
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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